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 Electronic resources in English language
 Electronic resources in Chinese language
 Self-developed special collections

Electronic resources in Chinese language:

Sequence Title Brief introduction Major sub-titles
1 China Knowledge Resource Integrated DatabaseCNKI Originated from China Academic Journals, CNKI includes journal articles, doctoral dissertations, conference proceedings, newspaper articles and other academic and professional documents. China Academic Journal Network Publishing Database
China Doctoral Dissertations Full-text Database
China Proceedings of Conference Full-text Database
2 VIP Journal Integration Platform (VJIP) VJIP is an one-stop service platform for Chinese scientific journal resources launched by VIP and a product that extends the simplex full-text security services to the services such as citation and information.VJIP integrates 4 key modules, i.e. journal literature search, literature citation tracking, scientific index analysis and search engine.  
3 Chaoxing Digital Library Chaoxing Digital Library is the largest online library of Chinese-language bibliography in the world.It covers varied subjects, is a good reference source for teaching and research, also a great help in learning and entertainment.  
4 Shusheng Digital Library Shusheng Digital Library is a comprehensive e-book database. Mainly covers subjects of economic, finance, social sciences, history, geography, information science and media, natural sciences, electronic communication and automation.  
5 Reprints of Periodical Literature Produced by Information Center for Social Sciences, Renmin University. Includes all articles of the print-version of? Reprints of Periodical Literature in full-text since 1995. Articles are selected from more than 3500 titles of periodicals and 500 newspapers of humanities and social sciences.  
6 Wanfang Data A wide range of Chinese information, from Chinese studies, medical/scientific research to business information, etc. Databases of Journals, dissertations, academic conference proceedings, laws, Chinese companies and their products, Chinese national standards, Chinese patents, national scientific awards/achievements, Chinese science citation index, Who's who in science and technology in China, etc, all in PDF and HTML. Wanfang Chinese and Foreign Standards
Wanfang Patents
Wanfang Policies and Laws of China
Wanfang Scientific Achievements
Wanfang Chinese Scientific Institutes
7 DUXIU Academic Search A knowledge database mainly composed of Chinese language books.Provides full-text search and linked with local catalogue.  
8 DRCnet The Information Website of Development Research Center of the State Council (or "DRCnet") is a distinguished service platform for gathering professional economic information. Provides series of information products including DRC Report, Macroeconomic Report, Finance China, Industry Economic Report, Financial and Economic Database-Statistical Database for Various Industries and so on.  
9 Macrochina Industries Database Subjected to National Development and Reform Commission, is a specialized network of macroeconomics with the background of government, and it is one of the largest specialized economic network in China. Sorts out macro data, regional data, industrial data, production data (output, sales and price) and industrial ahead basic data of enterprises, which will help the deep research of industrial data and produce the chart of describing the development of Chinese pillar industrial groups.  
10 Macrochina Teaching and Research Support System Is the huge economic database jointly developed in accordance with the practical needs by China Society of Macroeconomics/National Development and Reform Commission, China Economics Award Management Committee and China Macroeconomics Information Network. The database merges the characters of teaching and research of colleges and universities, information search technology, economic analysis methods and information resource guarantee and originates the full new concept of database application.  
11 Global Product Database Produced by Chongqing Sunway Information Technology Co.Ltd., GPD is the first large-scale and fully constructed database for product sample in China. It provides product data of enterprise info, product catalogue, product illustration, pictures, and others.  
12 Database of Chinese legislation, treaties and court judgments. Established in 2003. Is the most authoritative database pertinent to law in China.  
13 Wanfang Med Online Wanfang Med Online is the professional e-resource website for medical researchers and practitioners in China. It collects over 1,000 medical journals and 400,000 theses, mostly in Chinese. Additional functions and contents are provided for professional use such as MeSH Search, Traditional Chinese Medicine Database, Medical Videos etc.  
14 Ruanjiantong An online system for self-learning softwares. Provides videos and phonic explanation.  
15 Sponsored by New Oriental Education & Technology Group, its an online education platform that targets higher-education level teachers and students. Provides online lectures that are similar to real classroom learning.  
16 Yinfu Online Test Database The platform is composed of two parts: test questions reservoir and imitation tests. Includes 9 sections: language, computer, law, civil servants, economic, engineering, comprehensive, post-graduate and medicine.  
17 VIP Exam Resources System Is a comprehensive collection of test questions.Covers subjects of English, computer, civil servants, jurisdiction, economic, post-grad enrollment, engineering, qualification, medicine.  
18 KUKE Digital Music Library The only digital music library that focuses on non-popular music. Has collected more than 98% of classical music in the world. Provides varied types of music, including unique folk music, jazz music, movie music and new ear music. Literal explanation is also available.  
19 Bookan The largest online Chinese newspaper and magazine collection in the world. Contains more than 3000 titles, including almost all the most-read magazines. Coverage goes back for one to three years. Information is updated daily for over one hundred magazines. Provides multiple reading manners, including original, literal,and phonic.  
20 WiseSearch and WiseNews WiseSearch offers the world's largest Chinese and English language database of published information from Greater China. Aggregating over 900 top Greater-China, overseas and special interests information sources, with more than 20,000 daily new items from print publishers as well as industry-focused content providers.  
21 Chaoxing Master Lectures Includes series of engineering, sciences, philosophy,law,economic,arts,medical,literature and history. More than 1400 masters and professionals have joined in the production of lecture videos.  
22 EDU&SUN Online Video The nations largest online video database. Provides video-taped presentations by academics,government leaders, and professionals.Contains varied subjects of technology,humanities,economic,politics and others.  
23 Integrated Database for Managing Educational Images The first educational image database tailored for higher education in China. Meet the requirements of producing electronic courseware and ppt. Provides advanced search function.  
24 Shenzhen Special Zone Daily Full-Text Database Includes the history of Shenzhen from 1981 to 2002, in full perspectives of politic,economic,culture, and social development. Comprehensive coverage of information, and good functionality in searching.