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 Self-developed special collections

Self-developed special collections:

Sequence Title Brief introduction
1 SZPT Faculty-Staff Publications Collects the publications (books, article, patent catalogue and etc.) by SZPT faculty and staff members, and materials related to the development history of SZPT. It's a showcase of the achievements SZPT has made in all aspects.
2 Profiles of SZPT Scholars Provides two language versions in Chinese and English. The main content is detailed description of SZPT scholars that have gained high academic ranks or doctoral degrees.
3 Archives of Universiade Shenzhen 2011 A collection of digital materials that are pertinent to SZPT's involvement in the Universiade Shenzhen 2011.
4 Nation-wide Higher-Education Quintessential Courses Includes more than 500 nation-wide and province-wide quintessential courses, particularly on those similar to SZPT curriculum.
5 Selected Works by Students of School of Art and Design A collection of works by School of Art and Design students. A useful reference tool for teaching, research and creation.
6 Videos of medicine and nursing Includes videos of fundamental medicine, practicing medicine and other related medical subjects.
7 Shenzhen High-Tech Enterprises Provides detailed information on more than 1000 high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen. Is a database for searching enterprise and product information. Aimed to serve the development of integration of manufacturing, studying and research.
8 Overseas Studying Guides Provides guides for those preparing to study abroad. Includes sections of nation introduction, news, college and university introduction.
9 Watch Movies and Learn English A collection of foreign movies with scripts in Chinese or foreign languages. Allows watching online.
10 Industry Research Reports Includes comprehensive market research reports of various industries. A good help in understanding the development of industries.
11 Library Gazette Edited by SPL, the Gazette reports the news of SPL, technology information and higher-education development. Published online monthly.