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Multi-carrier Resources Center

Entrance: Multi-carrier Resources Center

Introduction: Multi-carrier Resources Center is a cross-database retrieval system based on the MetaLib system designed by the Israeli Exlibris company. The retrieval system is an integration of all the available electronic resources (including: purchased electronic resources, self-constructed resources, free resources from internet, etc.) in Shenzhen Polytechnic Library. It is capable of integrated retrirval of all the electronic resources and can offer registered users  a variety of personalized services (including: my favorites, my electronic bookshelf, my databases, my electronic journals, my search history, and my use preferences, etc.) and , has a convenient, quick, individualized interface.

This system can cross-search various resources (e.g. directory, electronic journals, electronic books, pictures, audio, video, reference database, digital repository, etc.) from the information database. Users can select either cross-database retrieval or, with the help of  "Find Databas", run a single database retrieval.