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Subject Librarian Services

The mechanism

In order to improve the liaison between faculties and the library, and to help patrons to use library resources in more efficiently, we have established the subject librarian services mechanism. It's a outcome of the management theme "macro-library for integrating, developing and using information resources". It covers all the focuses of library services, and leads the knowledge navigation in the knowledge economic era. It sets up the key tone for the library's development in virtual and print collection, service innovation and librarian qualification.

Responsibilities of subject librarians

Have a comprehensive understanding of the target faculty's teaching and research development, and the organization of information resources that are pertinent to the specific faculty. 

Participate in the collection development of target subjects and provide advices; improve the corporation between faculty and library in collection development.

Organize lectures and presentations, provide reference service for research projects, improve the information literacy of teachers and students.

Improve the liaison with library patrons, collect their comments and requests.

Edit and update subject guiding materials, including the subject service website and user guides for resources.

Promote SPL's resources and services, to improve the use rates and popularity.

Search for new resources for the target subject, conduct trail test and provide reviews.

Provide special service on bibliography support for major projects of the target faculty, establish liaison with academic leaders of the faculty.

Directory of subject librarians:

Librarians Subject
Service Website
School of Electronic and Communication Engineering
Ms. Jue Han, 26015644 (3144)
School of Computer Engineering
Ms. Chunling Xu, 26019683 (8683)
School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Ms. Jianhong Chen, 26015644 (3144)
School of Economics
Mr. Shihao Xu, 26019679 (8679)
School of Management
Ms. Jia Wang, 26731012 (3012)
School of Media and Communication
Ms. Ying Ying, 26731035 (3035)
School of Art and Design
Ms. Mei Zhang, 26019678 (8678)
School of Applied Foreign Languages
Ms. Huiqin Lin, 26019678 (8678)
School of Applied Chemistry and Biological Technology
Ms. Xiaoxuan Shi, 26731050 (3050)
School of Construction and Environmental Engineering
Ms. Yan Tang, 26019679 (8679)
School of Animation
Mr. Xianhong He, 26019651 (8651)
School of Automotive and Transportation Engineering
Ms. Guanhua Cui, 26019598 (8598)
School of Medical Technique and Nurseing
Mr. Guangwu Yang, 26015644 (3144)
School of Humanities

Mr. Long Ao, 26015644 (3144)